Freelance Video Editor Demo Reel Villa Walk-Through By Dhian Anggraini

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If you have a hotel, villa or even if you’re a real estate agent whose business might benefit from showing your properties as gorgeous video presentations, why not let me produce a walkthrough video like this for you? The range of businesses that can benefit from professional marketing videos is endless, but there’s no doubt that if what you are promoting or marketing is as stunning as a Bali villa, you need to to get video on your website or sales page to get it in front of customers. Doesn’t it deserve better than just photographs?

Video is the best way of letting a property sell itself by showcasing it in all its glory, right down to the smallest touches.

I am professional, communicative and easy to work with, and I can deliver a polished marketing video to you in any format you require, most likely for much less than you think. I have worked for years with Final Cut Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro and many other professional video editing software packages.

This particular marketing video was produced in Bali at the Latitude 8 Villas in Kerobokan. I have to say that the post-production work was a lot of fun, as these beautiful villas don’t have a bad side!

How Can A Business Promotional Video Help Your Marketing?

I will create a stunning video like this for your website or product page. Click here: dhiananggraini(@) or Skype me (handle: Dhian.Anggraini ) to find out how.

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Your competition is using video marketing to promote their business, shouldn’t you be? A video like this will transform your website or product page, and is a better way to sell to many people than paragraphs of text and still photos.

In 2013 you want to use video to improve your website and promote and market your business online, and I am available to create a customized, absolutely professional promotional video for your company. It will better engage visitors to your website, and keep them on your site longer. The video itself, properly tagged and optimized for search engines, will itself rank well in search engines for terms your customers type in to find your product or service.

It will cost less than you think. Even if you don’t have video or budget to shoot video, let’s talk, because you still have options. Some of my clients supply me with nothing more than still photos, and here is an example of promotional videos I make for them: Promotional video using only photographs.

I’ll deliver you a marketing video with which you are 100% satisfied, then I will properly tag it and handle the upload to YouTube, so that your business can be found by searchers before they even find your website. Embedding it on your website is simple; I’ll give you any help you need.

Click here: dhiananggraini(@) or Skype me (handle: Dhian.Anggraini ) for a free quote.

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Promotional Business Video Using Only Still Photos

As a freelance video editor I usually do marketing videos for clients who have video clips with which I can work. However, for businesses with tight budgets I have developed another method to help clients promote and market their companies that gives outstanding results. Take a look at the video above. It is a promotional video production utilizing no video at all, just still photos taken from the client’s website, as well as titles and effects that I wove in using Final Cut Pro 7. I think it’s pretty effective, and my client loved it–what do you think?

Business promotional videos engage people who visit your website, hopefully turning them into customers. But do you know what is equally important? Your marketing video must make its way into the search engine results pages so that it stands on its own as an additional way for searchers to find you–beyond your website–ranking well for terms that are relevant to your business. This is accomplished by way of search engine optimization, and optimizing your video for good placement is a big part of what we do here at And here’s the thing: even if you can only afford to use still photos in your video, with the proper SEO your video can rank as well as a video shot in High Definition. As you can see above, it will certainly upgrade your website too.

Let’s talk about how I can help you with effective, inexpensive video marketing. Please email me at dhiananggraini (at ) and let’s get started.

Promotional Business Video-Personal Fitness Trainer

Here is one of my longer client business promotional videos that I recently did for a fitness trainer in Long Island, New York. He wanted a combination of his personal introduction to his business interspersed with video testimonials and clips of his students working out, all presented with an energetic soundtrack and graphics that would engage viewers to his website without distracting them from the glowing testimonials offered by his students. Professional freelance video editor that I am, I did several rough cuts to make this client happy (it was a pleasure, he’s such a nice guy) and by working together I think the final product is pretty effective—how about you?

If you’d like to upgrade your website with a professional marketing video, properly SEO’ed to be found in the search engines (and functioning as an additional funnel toward your business for this reason) let me help you. It will cost you less than you probably think.

Business Promotional Video-In Touch Realty Bali

Here’s an example of business promotional videos that I do, video shorts that can be easily uploaded to YouTube and embedded on your website. Notice that only still photographs are used in this marketing video, as well as post-production features like transitions, titles and an engaging soundtrack, to present the client’s services as attractively as possible.

Since all of the visual elements of this brief marketing video came from the client’s website, there was no time commitment needed from him at all. And as the video is properly tagged on YouTube, the clip itself is indexed in the search engines and will be an additional source of traffic to your website, as people find your video even before they find your site! For this reason, it’s clear that video marketing can be as efficient for promoting your business as your company website is: You Tube functions as an additional funnel for customers, and creating a You Tube channel and hosting your videos there is absolutely free. I can handle uploading and SEO for your video as part of my service for you.

My turnaround for a marketing project of this length is just a few days. If you can see the value of a promotional video like this to enhance your website and improve your company’s bottom line, please contact me. –Dhian Anggraini, freelance video editor

Freelance Video Editor Portfolio: Restaurant Walk-Through

Video editing demo reel of a restaurant walk-through using Final Cut Pro, including Motion and titles functionality.

I am a freelance video editor, helping clients anywhere in the world by taking raw video in any format and delivering a finished, professional marketing video, at very affordable prices. Contact me if you have an idea for a promotional video for your hotel, restaurant, or other business and let’s discuss it. I also do video post-production work for weddings and other events.

You have the raw video, and I have the expertise and the hardware and software tools to transform it into a spectacular promotional vehicle or polished video of your most important occasions. I can handle uploads to YouTube and even create a YouTube channel for you, as well as optimize your marketing video to be more easily found in search engines. Contact me today at dhiananggraini(@)

Reasons To Hire A Freelance Video Editor

A lot of people go to the trouble and expense of buying an expensive video camera and all the accessories, then carrying it with them to destinations all over the world and taking time out of their holidays to document their trips carefully and entertainingly. Unfortunately, too often upon returning home, many of those videotapes so painstakingly shot are thrown into a bag in a drawer and rarely if ever looked at again.

If this describes you, have you considered hiring a freelance video editor to dust off these memories, rescue your videotapes and transform them into first-class professional video productions, at a cost that is probably much less than you imagine?

People focus on gathering video from things like family holidays, special events like weddings or birthday parties, children’s school functions, sporting competitions and 100 other important events that we look forward to reliving one day with the entire family while sitting around the television. The reality though is that thoughts of post-production are a lot less interesting to most people than shooting the video itself. And that’s understandable.

Perhaps it seems complex and even mysterious to you, questions of video editing, adding titles, understanding transitions, adding appropriate music, figuring out how to add still photographs to your video productions, perhaps some basic special effects, and then packaging all of it into a finished DVD or into a properly compressed video file format that you can easily upload to your Facebook page or to YouTube for sharing. It should seem difficult, because video editing software, while of course not impossible to learn, does have a learning curve that most people don’t have time to navigate.

A freelance video editor can handle all of the aforementioned tasks and more quite easily, while taking direction from you via email, telephone, etc., with you never having to give a thought as to how it all was accomplished and came together. All you will know is that an hour or two of raw video was turned into a video product whose length you specified to your editor, of anywhere from an hour or more down to a short, snappy five-minute long long music video.

Maybe you’re not even exactly sure what you want– that’s no problem. Find a freelance video editor with a portfolio and demo reel that grabs you and let her get started; you can check her progress via YouTube to make sure that you like what she is essentially sculpting out of your raw video tape.

The thing is that as busy as life is today very few people have time to actually learn the complex integrated software packages that are available to turn video tapes into finished video. It’s not surprising. Video editing software has hundreds of different functions and the video editor that you hire will have had the years of experience necessary to quickly put all this high-tech functionality to use for you.

There’s also the expense of a professional video editing suites such as Apple’s final cut Pro, which runs into the hundreds of dollars. Unless you plan to edit an awful lot of video in the future it just doesn’t make sense for an individual to spend the money-and the time!- that it will likely take to achieve even basic competence with video editing software.

But just as you don’t ask your plumber for in-depth details of how exactly he’s going to get your pipes working properly again, with your freelance video editor you will be much more interested in the final product then you will the fine details of how it was all produced. And that’s really the point isn’t it? We outsource difficult work, especially that which is done with complex new software tools, to professionals who spend their days working with the software.

Hopefully after reading this you have resolved to do something with your treasured video memories gathering dust and get someone to help you quickly turn your video tapes into finished productions. I have created this site to encourage people to do just that and I am available on a freelance basis to make more out of your raw videotapes than you imagined was possible. My prices are very reasonable and I am easy to work with. Please contact me today at dhiananggraini(@) and we can discuss it, at no obligation to you.